Real-time Management

Don't be limited by your management tooling

The computer says no…

How many IT-administrators have surrendered to their management tooling because it simply won’t do what’s intended?  We’ll probably never know… But in order to give today’s users the experience they want, you need a management system flexible and powerful enough to meet even the most challenging of requirements. Scense’s real-time management not only gives you more options, it will put you firmly in control of your IT-environment. You will quickly learn that with Scense you’ll be up for the challenge at hand. And the computer? It will say yes… one way or another.

Scense Real-time Management

Scense’s Real-time Management powers all key features of the Scense Workspace Management suite. At the foundation of real-time management lies the Scense Runtime System. This system enables automation on various levels.


Handle challenging tasks

Scense’s out-of-the-box tools will help you handle almost any task, even the ones that would be considered challenging. And for the really tough tasks, Scense offers nothing short of a programming environment to create elegant solutions to the problems at hand.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination

The runtime system powers all key Scense features, whether it’s accellerating the logon script, tayloring application delivery or transforming a student workstation to a locked-down exam device. The tasks, actions, conditions etc. are at your disposal to orchestrate any behavior you can think of. You might just scratch the surface, or you might really have a go at it with nested tasksets, multi-level grouped criteria, the scripting-action, query-variables, or even function-variables.
The Scense runtime system is highly extensible and will let you add custom criteria and actions that will blend in with the rest. In this way, you can create solutions that eg. integrate with other systems or use 3rd party data and triggers.


The real-time character of the Scense system allows you to solve problems here and now. The user doesn’t have to logoff or restart, but simply try again.


Thanks to Scense’s extensive logging and diagnostic tools it’s very easy to determine the root cause of what went wrong and take action to fix it.

Location Awareness

Scense’s intelligent location system adds awareness of the access device’s whereabouts to virtually anything you like to automate.

Extend functionality

Scense is quite capable right out of the box. But if something is missing, you can simply create it yourself or download it from the forum.

Unleash the full potential of your IT-environment

Create an integral IT-environment that works for you, with Scense:


  •   Increase overall IT management level
  •   Improve overall performance and reliability
  •   Create collaborating systems that decrease tooling overlap
  •   Improve the User Experience

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